Our Mission

Financial Strategy Programs are committed to educating future global leaders who are equipped with advanced knowledge and skills in highly technical areas of finance. In order to do so, we expose our students to the frontier of recent research developments in corporate finance, financial engineering and financial strategy. Students also learn how to synthesize their acquired knowledge to develop innovative business ideas, which are increasingly in demand in today’s globalized business environment.



The Financial Strategy MBA program is targeted for students who have working experiences for at least two years in any areas of business. Successful applicants are expected to have solid background and knowledge in mathematics and statistics equivalent to bachelor’s degree holders. We also consider the quality of master thesis proposals and relevant research potential based on applicants’ previous work experiences.


The Financial Strategy Ph.D. program is targeted for students who will pursue their careers in research and teaching at leading universities and research institutions. We train capable researchers to become innovative global leaders in all areas of finance. Our Ph.D. students can work closely with our world-class faculty members to develop thesis ideas and conduct research projects. Our close relationship with Tokyo-based financial institutions also forms an exciting environment which always provides insight and challenge from “the real world in finance”.